Perfecting the methodology of determining the flexibility matrix of the «squirrel cage» in rotor supports of aviation gas-turbine engines


Elastic-damping supports are widely spread in the design of aviation gas-turbine engines. These supports include elastic elements of the «squirrel cage» type.  A methodology of calculating the flexibility matrix for the «squirrel cage» with straight rod elements of rectangular cross-section with account for groove rounding is presented in the paper. Determining the flexibility matrix is essential for constructing mathematical models of aviation gas turbine engines when solving problems of rotor dynamics. The methodology is based on the application of Mohr integral for beam constructions. The results obtained with the help of the methodology are compared with the results of calculations in the finite-element complex and with the results of calculation without regard for the rounding, as well as with results obtained by other authors.

About the authors

S. A. Degtyarev

Technical Research Center of Rotor Dynamics «Alfa-Tranzit», LLC, Khimky

Author for correspondence.

Manager of Department on the development of simulation means

Russian Federation

M. K. Leontiev

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)


Doctor of Science (Engineering)
Professor of the Department 203 «Construction and design of engines»

Russian Federation

V. V. Popov

Bauman Moscow State Technical University


Teaching assistant of the Department RK-5 «Applied mechanics»

Russian Federation


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