Conversion of gas turbine engine oil system


The paper emphasizes the increasingly important role of gas turbines on the power generation and gas pumping market. One of the variants of manufacturing such power plants consists in the conversion of aircraft engines into industrial gas turbine drives. The authors review the advantages of this type of production. The paper describes the operating conditions of such gas turbines and major challenges encountered in designing oil systems for aeroderivatives of this type.  Conservatism of aircraft engine developers does not make it possible to realize the changes in requirements to industrial power plants to the full extent, which results in  imperfection  of the oil system structure as it is re-designed for ground application. The paper presents the main trends in industrial gas turbine oil system development. Three levels of oil system conversion are defined: maximum (maximum possible application of the existing hardware, in which case achieving high gas turbine service life is impossible), medium (aircraft engine oil system components that do not significantly affect the engine life are partially preserved, while other components are re-designed for ground application), minimum (complete replacement of the oil system elements aimed at achieving the highest performance characteristics). 

About the authors

A. A. Boev

Joint-Stock Company «KUZNETSOV»

Author for correspondence.

Design engineer

Russian Federation

O. A. Grishanov

Joint-Stock Company «KUZNETSOV»


Head of Department

Russian Federation


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