Study of cycle life of a material in conditions of low-cycle fatigue and long-term strength


Experimental studies shows that the main parts - the shaft and the disks of gas turbine engines, working in the conditions of low-cycle fatigue and durability, have a durability far exceeding the resource identified by calculation based on the hypothesis of linear summation of damage. Therefore, further clarification is needed calculation methods, allowing greater use of the reserves of strength parts. The performed research studies the influence on the durability of the increasing duration of zero cycle of loading samples with a period of T=200 s. and the restraint at the maximum and minimum levels: Dtmax=120 s. and Dtmin=60 s. The studies were performed on a standard round specimens with the diameter of the working area of 7.5mm. Shown that when you restrain a loading there is in the material proceeds relaxation process, combined with a deforming cyclic hardening and increasing of the plastic deformation. It was found that the hypothesis of a linear summation of static and cyclic components of the damage in the conditions of low-cycle fatigue and long-term strength is not confirmed. The increasing of the restraint in the loading cycle under the load to Dtmax=20 s. or more leads to a significant increase - up to 94 % of the static component of damage. The research results obtained during cyclic and repeated static loading, helped to confirm and substantiate the existence of a previously unknown “Effect of cyclic hardening materials”, due to the duration of the maximum load in the cycle of loading.

About the authors

S. A. Bukatyi

Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor

Russian Federation

A. A. Okrugin

NPO “Saturn” Corporation, Rybinsk


Head of the Project

Russian Federation


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