Deformation and fracture strength of single-crystal superalloys under static and cyclic loading


The peculiarities of short-term resistance to tension/compression, creep, long-term strength and thermal fatigue of single-crystal superalloys for different crystallographic orientations and temperatures are considered. The failure criteria are proposed using a unified measures equivalent stress (strain) for the cubic system, allowing to compute adequate strength and durability of single crystal materials under complex multi-axial inhomogeneous stress state, which is characteristic for gas turbine engine blades during the operation.

About the authors

A. S. Semenov

Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Science (physics and mathematics)

Associated professor of the Department of «Mechanics and Control Processes»

Russian Federation

L. B. Getsov



Doctor of Science (Engineering), Chef of sciences

Russian Federation

S. G. Semenov

Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University


Engineer of the Department «Strength of Materials»

Russian Federation

A. I. Grishchenko

Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University


Graduate student

Russian Federation


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