Comparative tests of the degradation mechanical properties 2 composite materials in high humidity and temperature


The matrix absorbs moisture from the environment and plasticized, if the product is made of polymeric composite materials (PCM) is used in conditions of high humidity and temperature. The value of the glass transition temperature (Tg) and the limiting temperature of use of the product decreases. Use the following types of tests to determine the extent of degradation of mechanical properties of PCM: three-point bending, compression, and computation of the glass transition point.

About the authors

G. N. Toiskin

Don State Technical University, Rostov-on-Don

Author for correspondence.

Postgraduate Dept. of Aeroengineering

Russian Federation


  1. Dhakal, H.N. Effect of water absorption on the mechanical properties of hemp fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester composites [Text] / H.N. Dhakal, Z.Y. Zhang, M.O.W. Richardson // Composites Science and Technology, 29 June 2006.
  2. MIL-HDBK-17-1E "Composite Materials Handbook. Volume 1. Polymer matrix composites guidelines for characterization of structural materials." Department of Defense USA, 2002.



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