Measurements of pulse pressures within the volume of a melt in terms of intense impulse interferences


A procedure for measurements of pressure in a metal melt under the action of the pulse-magnetic field is presented. For measurements in terms of intense interferences, attendant on pulse currents of the kilo-ampere range, an acoustic waveguide is used with the galvanic isolation of the pressure detector by liquid medium.

About the authors

R. Yu. Yusupov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Research Officer of the “Advanced Technological Processes of Plastic Deforming” Research Laboratory

Russian Federation

E. E. Kostryukov

Samara State Aerospace University


Senior Laboratorian of the “Advanced Technological Processes of Plastic Deforming” Research Laboratory

Russian Federation


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Abstract: 2781

PDF (Russian): 1925




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