Basic approaches and requirements to the formation of polyplatform integrated automated system of aircraft life cycle support based on the product electronic definition


The approaches to the continuous information lifecycle support system construction are investigated. Systems mentioned should be based on poly-platform information systems integration.Comparison of mono-platform and polyplatform solution from the applicability is presented. Necessary conditions for autonomic system integration are shown. Model of construction integrated information lifecycle system is suggested.

About the authors

V. V. Nazarov

CJSS "Avistar-SP", Ulyanovsk

Author for correspondence.

Deputy Director of MIT for CAD-systems

Russian Federation

D. Yu. Shabalkin

Ulyanovsk State University


Candidate of Physics and Mathematics Sciences

Deputy Director of Center of competence «AT&AM»

Russian Federation

Yu. V. Polyanskov

Ulyanovsk State University


Ph.D., Professor

Head of Department of Mathematical Modeling of Technical Systems

Russian Federation


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PDF (Russian): 1837




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