Optimization of aircraft seven stage compressor first stages parameters


The optimization of multistage compressor of gas turbine engine is considered. Optimization was performed by changing the guide vanes angles of three stages. As a result the increasing of compressor efficiency by 0.3% was achieved on one of the main modes of operation.

About the authors

G. M. Popov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.
Email: grishatty@mail.ru


Russian Federation

V. N. Matveev

Samara State Aerospace University

Email: tdla@ssau.ru

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Head of Department of Aircraft Engines Theory

Russian Federation

O. V. Baturin

Samara State Aerospace University

Email: oleg.v.baturin@gmail.com

Candidate of Science

Assistant Professor of the Chair of Theory of Engine for Flying Vehicle

Russian Federation

D. A. Kolmakova

Samara State Aerospace University

Email: kolmakova.daria@gmail.com


Russian Federation


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  2. Дмитриева, И.Б. Автоматизация создания объёмной модели пера лопатки в ANSYS TurboGrid на базе традиционного представления его геометрии [Текст] / И.Б. Дмитриева, Л.С. Шаблий // Вестник Самарского государственного аэрокосмического университета имени академика С.П. Королёва. – Самара, 2011. – №3 (27). Часть 3. – С. 106-111.



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