Methods of calculating the parameters of the topology and routes for manufacturing operations in the aggregate-assemblu production


The features of geometric dimension of linking the elements of assembly of compounds based on a unified information model of the product. It is shown that when establishing tolerances for each of the links dimensional chain of fundamental importance that the ratio between actual design and technological constraints dimensional element of the assembly determines the level of residual stresses in the product design, resulting in the assembly process, and should be considered in computer-aided design technology processes.

About the authors

F. V. Grechnikov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Corresponding member of RAS, Doctor of Engineering,

Head of Metal Forming

Russian Federation

S. F. Tlustenko

Samara State Aerospace University


Candidate of Technical Science, Associate Professor

Russian Federation


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  2. Отработка конструкции деталей на технологичность методами математического моделирования производства / Под ред. В. В. Павлова. — М.: ВНИИНМАШ, 1982.



Abstract: 3375

PDF (Russian): 1547




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