Discrete-phase movement transducers for the determination of turbine blade vibration parameters


A new class of measuring transducers is described. They are intended to control angular and linear blade tip movements of turbounits. These transducers use the discrete-phase method (blade tip timing) and their special feature is the determination of discrete blade vibration phases by the primary transducer in which the object of the control, the source and the receiver of the probe radiation of either optical or radiofrequency range are constructively and physically integrated.

About the authors

A. I. Danilin

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.
Email: aidan@ssau.ru

Candidate of Technical Sciences

Associate Professor of the Radio Engineering and Medical Diagnostic Systems Department

Russian Federation

V. M. Grechishnikov

Samara State Aerospace University

Email: gv@ssau.ru

Doctor of Technical Sciences


Head of the Electrical Engineering Department

Russian Federation


  1. Danilin, A.I. Сriteria for discrete-phase control of working conditions of blades and their implementability in the turbo-units automated control systems [Text] / A.I. Danilin, A.G. Chernyavskiy // Vestnik of Samara State Aerospace University. – – №1(17). – PP. 107-115.
  2. Patent Russian Federation, International Class G 01 H 1/08. Signalling device of pre-failure deformations of turbomachine blades [Text] / Danilin A.I., Chernyavskiy A.G.; filed 29.03.00; published 20.12.01, bulletin № 35. – 4p.
  3. Patent Russian Federation, International Class G 01 Н 11/06. Method of measuring amplitude vibration of turbomachine blades and device for its realization [Text] / Danilin A.I., Chernyavskiy A.G., Adamov S.I.; filed 05.02.07; published 20.12.08, bulletin № 35. – 7p.



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