Definition of directions of developing methods, technical decisions and means of decreasing the technogenic influence on the environment for the omplementation on board of space launch vehicles


Proposals to reduce anthropogenic pollution on the environment caused by separating parts of space launch vehicle and upper stage (boosters) with liquid propellants are under consideration. Residual power sources that can not be used directly are gasified before being fed into the combustion chamber of a gas rocket engine. Different design and construction solutions of active on-board systems to reduce anthropogenic pollution, using all types of energy resources available on board of upper stage (boosters) are discussed.

About the authors

Ya. T. Shatrov

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "TSNIImashinostroeniya", Moscow

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Technical Science

Senior Researcher

Chief of Department

Russian Federation

D. A. Baranov

State Research and Production Space Rocket Center "TsSKB - Progress", Samara


Assistant to the General Designer on Space Launch Vehicles

Director of the Program "Soyuz in GSC"

Russian Federation

V. I. Trushlyakov

Omsk State Technical University


Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

Professor of the Department of Aircraft and Rocket Production

Russian Federation

V. Yu. Kudentsov

Omsk State Technical University


Сandidate of Technical Science

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Aircraft and Rocket Production


Russian Federation


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