High-aperture binary bi-axicon for far ir light: fabrication and experimental testing using linearly polarized incident light


When illuminated by a linearly polarized light, a high-aperture binary bi-axicon allows one to redistribute the axial contribution of different electric vector components, ensuring a maximal value of the longitudinal component and a minimal value of the transverse component on the optical axis. Such an asymmetric axicon for the wavelength 10.6 µm is fabricated on a silicon substrate using a lithography technique with plasma-chemical etching. Off-axis diffraction patterns were obtained experimentally through diaphragm-aided scanning of the focal plane.

About the authors

S. V. Karpeev

Image Processing Systems Institute of RAS, Samara

Author for correspondence.
Email: karp@smr.ru

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor

Leading Researcher

Russian Federation

S. N. Khonina

Samara State Aerospace University

Email: khonina@smr.ru

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Professor of the Technical Cybernetics Department, Leading Researcher

Russian Federation

A. V. Volkov

Image Processing Systems Institute of RAS, Samara

Email: volkov@ssau.ru

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Head of the Micro- and Nano-technology

Russian Federation

O. Yu. Moiseev

Image Processing Systems Institute of RAS, Samara

Email: moiseev@smr.ru

Candidate of Technical Sciences

Senior Staff Scientist

Russian Federation

G. F. Kostyuk

Samara State Aerospace University

Email: moiseev@smr.ru

Leading Engineer

Russian Federation

D. M. Yakunenkova

Image Processing Systems Institute of RAS, Samara

Email: cat@smr.ru

Leading Technologist Micro- and Nano-technology Laboratory

Russian Federation


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