Dynamic loading and questions of assuring the reliability of functioning of superheavy launch vehicle cryogenic pressure-operated valves


The paper presents the results of work aimed at assuring the required parameters of the reliability of functioning of a group of cryogenic units of the “Energiya” launch vehicle central block oxidizing system.

About the authors

V. P. Sazanov

Space Rocket Centre “Energiya”

Author for correspondence.
Email: sazanow@mail.ru

Head of the Durability Sector

Russian Federation


  1. Sazanov, V. P. Mathematical modeling of loading during launch vehicle pressureoperated valve response [Text] / V. P. Sazanov // Mathematical modeling and boundary problems M33. Transactions of the Seventh All-Russia science conference with international participation. – P.1: Mathematical models of mechanics, durability and reliability of construction elements. – Samara: SamSTU, 2010. – PP. 305-308.
  2. Birger, I. A. Strength analysis of machine parts [Text] / I. A. Birger, B. F. Shorr, G. B. Yosilevich // Manual. – M.: Machinostroyeniye, 1979. – 702 p.



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