Errors reductions of stabilization coaxial bodies with variable structure at reenter in the atmosphere


The spatial motion of the reentry vehicle (RV) with double rotation on an active site of a descent trajectory is considered. At construction of the dynamic equations movement RV is considered as mechanical system coaxial bodies with variable weight with small relative displacement of the center weights. Decisions have been approached for corners of spatial orientation RV and speed of movement of his center weights on a short active site of a trajectory descent and condition of reduction of nutation amplitude allowing to carry out an estimation efficiency of stabilization partial spinup and to calculate of a mistake in size and a direction of a vector of brake draft, ensuring leaving RV from an orbit

About the authors

V. S. Aslanov

Samara State Aerospase University

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

A. V. Doroshin

Samara State Aerospase University

Russian Federation

G. E. Kruglov

«TsSKB-PROGRESS» State Research-and-Production Space Rocket Center

Russian Federation




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PDF (Russian): 122




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