Теnsorial methodology of representation in the theory of organizational-technical systems


In the article we the suggest a method for the representation of organizational-technical systems (OTS) in range of complete and universal langnage - langnage of geometry and tensor G.Kron methodology. Transition from an organizational-technical problem to geometrical interpretation is realized by the introduction of structure hypothetical space, coordinate system and geometric equivalent of organizational concepts and processes. The main hypothesis provides mathematical statement of tasks and purposes. Identification between mathematical formulas and OTS and technological processes implements by axioms system.

About the authors

A. N. Koptev

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.
Email: vest@ssau.ru
Russian Federation

G. I. Korotnev

Samara State Aerospace University

Email: vest@ssau.ru
Russian Federation




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PDF (Russian): 174




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