Dynamics of a dual-mass resonant vibration screen in a first approximation


The decision on creation of a new energy-efficient vibration screen using combination parametrical resonance is presented. The decision makes it possible to expand functional and operational opportunities of vibration machines. Dynamic and mathematical models of a dual-mass resonant vibration screen are presented. Differential equations of the machine motion are given. The principle of work of a resonant vibration screen is described. The trajectory of motion of the center of mass of the system of pendulums of the inertia member of the parametrical drive during their running in on racetracks is given. A method of reducing the data on a dual-mass system to a single-mass one is presented. At the same time an additional condition on the stiffness of elastic members of the oscillatory system is introduced. The value of the coercive force under steady-state resonant oscillations is identified. Ratios between the masses of actuating devices, damping coefficients and linear displacements of the actuating device are obtained. The parametric resonance coupled with the phenomenon of self-synchronization makes it possible to realize self-controlled and self-supported proper motion of the machine. Real samples of dual-mass oscillatory systems with one and two parametrical vibration generators are presented. On the basis of the results obtained for prototypes of a dual-mass system the conclusion about the stability of the resonant operating mode is drawn. The results of this work can be used to produce new highly efficient resonant vibration machines.

About the authors

N. N. Dentsov

Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named after R.E. Alekseev

Author for correspondence.
Email: dentsovnn90@mail.ru

Candidate of Science (Engineering)
Associate Professor of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Russian Federation

A. V. Koshelev

Public Joint Stock Company Arzamas Scientific and Production Enterprise Temp-Avia

Email: koshelevav88@mail.ru

Candidate of Science (Engineering)
Research Associate,  Thematic Department of Development of Solid-State Accelerometers and Gyroscopes

Russian Federation


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