Method and algorithm of decomposition for the synthesis of programs of control of electrical equipment complex objects


The article considers dimension problems of electrical equipment complex objects in developing test programs in the context of programming diagnostic tasks. To solve the problem, we propose a method and an algorithm for the effective description of electrical equipment objects for its decomposition, i.e. reducing large-dimensional problems to the solution of a number of simpler problems. An adequate task description language based on the theory of graphs was chosen for solving dimension problems. To represent the results, we use the concepts of U. Grenander’s patterns theory. To solve the problems of synthesis (design) and analysis we use a single methodology of pattern representation using models of their components, circuits (configurations) made up of them and images of production objects. The decomposition method is based on the analysis of the controlled object in the context of the graph theory and the separation of strong components in the matrices of the electrical connections of the elements. The scheme is divided into separate functional modules, each module including a functionally complete part of the scheme that forms the basis of designing tests for discrete circuits of objects.

About the authors

Ju. V. Myasnikova

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

Postgraduate student of the Aircraft Maintenance Department

Russian Federation


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