New technologies of manufacturing non-rigid parts made of titanium alloys and stainless steels

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The article considers a new approach to solving a topical scientific problem of providing dimensional stabilization of non-rigid aircraft parts made of titanium alloys and stainless steels. It is known that a significant loss of accuracy and a change in the spatial orientation of surfaces of non-rigid parts are associated with the formation of undesirable technological residual stresses in the surface layers. The authors of the work propose a method of reducing the magnitude of residual stresses in the surface layer of cylindrical parts by ultrasonic treatment with an indenter having strip contact with the workpiece. We present the results of experimental research aimed at eliminating the lengthy operation of thermal relaxation of residual stresses in the process of manufacturing non-rigid parts made of titanium alloys and stainless steels through the rational use of technological heredity phenomena and ultrasonic field energy. The developed method is highly efficient and can be used to stabilize dimensional accuracy of non-rigid and thin-walled parts made of hard-to-machine materials.

About the authors

E. S. Kiselev

Ulyanovsk State Technical University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering)
Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology

Russian Federation

O. V. Blagovskiy

Ulyanovsk mechanical plant


Candidate of Science (Engineering)
design engineer

Russian Federation


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  2. Kiselev E.S., Kovalnogov V.N. Mekhanicheskaya obrabotka zagotovok v usloviyakh kriticheskogo teplomassoperenosa [Machining of workpieces in conditions of critical heat and mass transfer]. Moscow: Russian Academy of Sciences Publ., 2008. 250 p.
  3. Kiselev E., Blagovskiy O. Determination of the residual stresses in the surface layer of responsible machine parts with the light of technological heredity. XIX International Scientific-Technical Conference «trans&MOTAUTO’11». V. 1. Varna, Bulgaria, 2011. P. 75-78.

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