The information system aimed at supporting the reliability of aviation gas-turbine engines


This publication contains the description of an information system of supporting the reliability on the level of an aviation engine-building company as an element of the overall airworthiness control dedicated to the fleet of serial aviation gas-turbine engines. The reader will see the database existing at NPO Saturn used to control the level of  fail-safety and configuration management of a fleet of aviation gas-turbine engines at the stage of serial production based on monitoring over the arrays of failures (malfunctions) and the engine accumulated flight hours. Among the reviewed subjects, we can see the functions of the reliability information system and modernization of the engine safety aimed at fine-tuning the Russian and the western approaches to the airworthiness management.

About the authors

S. V. Sarychev

НПО «Сатурн», г. Рыбинск Ярославской обл.

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

N. G. Loginova

НПО «Сатурн», г. Рыбинск Ярославской обл.

Russian Federation




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