Development of intelligent peripheral devices of control and emergency protection systems for ground testing of liquid-propellant rocket engines


One of the promising trends in the improvement of stand test data management and control systems and emergency protection systems involves the development of intellectual peripheral devices that provide communication with test articles. Due to the incorporation of their own processors in such devices they can solve problems of receiving data from sensors and initiating lower level control actions (independently from the master controller) on the actuators of controlled objects, which enhances the reliability and quality of control. The paper presents the latest developments directly related to the control of liquid-propellant rocket engine (LRE) parameters during stand tests, i.e. control of electro-hydraulic tilt actuators of LRE combustion chambers; control of stepping motors for the regulation of mixture ratio  and control of vernier engines; receiving, processing and recording of signals from turbine flow meters and turbopump RPM sensors.

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O. A. Volnukhin

Rocket and Space Industry

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Russian Federation engineer

V. A. Liseykin

Rocket and Space Industry


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I. A. Tozhokin

Rocket and Space Industry


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M. N. Churin

Rocket and Space Industry


Russian Federation engineer




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