Research of the coefficient of reflection of the electromagnetic pulse from thin films and nanomaterials


The article deals with the vital task of measuring electromagnetic parameters of thin films and nanomaterials based on the sensing of surface controlled by pulsed electromagnetic signal. A method of non-contact control of such parameters as conductivity, as well as dielectric and magnetic permeability is justified. The proposed method is based on the sensing of the controlled surface by a pulsed electromagnetic signal with its subsequent analysis. Analytical relations that relate the phase and amplitude of the reflected signal to its spectral component, coefficient of reflection, self-surge impedances of the controlled medium and the signal propagation medium, as well as to the design parameters of the measurement system, such as the angle of incidence of the probing pulse and the distance to the object of measurement are presented. A brief mathematical description of the method is given. The dependence of the parameters of the reflected signal on the basic electromagnetic properties of materials is demonstrated.

About the authors

B. V. Skvortsov

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering)
Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering

Russian Federation

D. M. Zhivonosnovskaya

Samara National Research University


postgraduate student

Russian Federation


  1. Borminskiy S.A., Skvortsov B.V., Solntseva A.V. Ustroystvo beskontaktnogo kontrolya elektromagnitnykh parametrov tonkikh plenok i nanomaterialov [Device of non-contact control of electromagnetic parameters of thin films and nanomaterials]. Patent RF, no. 156519; 2015. (Publ. 11.10.15, bull. no. 31).
  2. Skvortsov B.V., Zhivonosnovskaya D.M., Kuryleva P.A. Teoreticheskie osnovy beskontaktnykh izmereniy elektromagnitnykh parametrov nanomaterialov. Sbornik tezisov dokladov pyatoy mezhdunarodnoy konferentsii «Ot nanostruktur, nanomaterialov i nanotekhnologiy k nanoindustrii». Izhevsk: Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University Publ., 2015. P. 221-222. (In Russ.)



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PDF (Russian): 1134




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