Analisys of the influence of radial displacement of a particle on the parameters of an eddy-current probe


The article focuses on the study of the specific application of eddy-current probes (ECP) to monitor the parameters of dispersed media. To do this, a three-dimensional finite element model of the «wear particles – ECP» was constructed in Ansys Maxwell 2015. The analysis of the the radial displacement of particles in the cross section of ECP with the help of the «Sergei Korolyov» supercomputer was carried out. It was found that the non-uniformity of electromagnetic field displacement of a particle from the axis to the periphery of the ECP results in three-fold increase of the insertion parameter. The deviation of the insertion parameters depends mainly on the geometrical position of the particle in the sectional plane of the sensor and it is weakly dependent on the frequency of the exciting field and particle size. On the basis of the established dependency we propose an ECP structure that allows mitigating the influence of the radial displacement of particles on the output signal of the ECP.

About the authors

S. A. Gudkov

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Assistant Professor of the Radio Engineering Department

I. A. Kudryavtsev

Samara National Research University


Russian Federation

Candidate of Science
Assistant Professor of the Department of Laser and Bioengineering Systems


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