Reducing pulse vibration of valves under transient conditions


The paper presents the results of work on reducing vibration of valves under transient conditions. The main parameters that influence the vibroacoustic characteristics of tube fitting in opening and closing of valves are distinguished: actuator types, geometry of the flow area, operating conditions. The process of formation of the dynamic force acting on the closure element of the fitting is examined. Time-dependent characteristics of flow resistance coefficients, flow velocity and dynamic force are given. The possibility of choosing the operating conditions providing minimum vibration of the valves is determined. A new design of the ball valve closure member is proposed. The analysis of the flow area is carried out using methods of numerical simulation. The flow pattern, the presence of reverse-flow areas, formation of eddy flows are shown, the pressure drop and flow resistance coefficient are specified. The results of experimental research of vibration are presented. The level of vibration of valves is shown to decrease under transient conditions, which results in ensuring safe operation of valves, reducing sound emission and improving working conditions of the operating staff. The results of research can be used to develop new designs of valves.

About the authors

E. A. Kulichkova

Shipbuilding & Ship repair Technology Center, Saint-Petersburg

Author for correspondence.

Deputy Chief Designer

Russian Federation


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