Alignment and study of prototypes of the Offner hyperspectrometer


A prototype of the hyperspectrometer based on the Offner scheme has been tested. Drawings have been produced and the main mirror elements of the hyperspectrometer including diffraction grating on a convex spherical surface have been fabricated. The profile of the grating groove has been measured and light energy distribution in diffraction orders has been modeled as a function of wavelength. Optomechanical elements for the necessary alignments of the hyperspectrometer elements have been designed and manufactured. Adjustment of the optical prototyping scheme has been implemented and point images for three wavelengths of monochromatic radiation have been obtained. Distribution of light energy in diffraction orders and maxima positions are in an agreement with the simulation results. The spectrometer has also been tested on test images in polychromatic radiation under the control of the developed software.

About the authors

S. V. Karpeev

Image Processing Systems Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Samara

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Science
Leading Researcher

Russian Federation

S. N. Khonina

Image Processing Systems Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Samara


Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Science
Leading Researcher

Russian Federation

A. R. Murdagulov

Space Rocket Center «Progress»; Samara


Design engineer

Russian Federation

M. V. Petrov

Samara State Aerospace University



Russian Federation


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