Results of operation of scientific hardware «Space system of microacceleration compensation»


The paper presents the results of an experiment using the «Space system of microacceleration compensation» (SSMC) scientific hardware. The SSMC hardware has been developed and manufactured at the Institute of Space Device Engineering of Samara State Aerospace University with the participation of the Joint Stock Company «Space Rocket Center «PROGRESS» and operated on the Photon-M №4 spacecraft in the period from July 18 to September 1, 2014. The experiment is dedicated to collecting information about the values of the magnetic field of the Earth and compensating accelerations by comparing the measured values with the calculated values for IRGF model. Characteristics of the SSMC scientific hardware and the basic data obtained in the analysis of telemetry data are presented. An averaged picture of distribution of the magnetic field of the Earth during the experiment is obtained.

About the authors

N. D. Semkin

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor
Head of the Department of Design and Technology of Electronic Systems and Devices

I. V. Piyakov

Samara State Aerospace University


Russian Federation

Candidate of Science (Engineering)
Assistant Professor of the Department of Design and Technology of Electronic Systems and Devices


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