Investigation of preliminary surface rolling influence on the fatigue resistance of threaded specimens

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The influence of preliminary surface plastic deformation on the endurance limit of parts made of steels 40X and 30ХГСА with the thread М16х2 has been examined. The investigation has been carried out by the computational-experimental method using the results of determining residual stresses mechanically on the specimens cut out of smooth workpieces and by modeling threaded specimens using finite-elements models. The method of thermal elasticity has been used for the calculation of the strain-stress state in the PATRAN/NASTRAN environment, whereby the distribution of initial deformations in the hardened layer is replaced by the appropriate temperature field. The graphs of distribution of axial residual stresses across the thread roots are plotted on the basis of the calculation. The increment of the endurance limit for threaded parts has been predicted by the average integral residual stress criterion. The calculation results are compared with the experimental data of testing the specimens. The specimens made of 30ХГСА steel without a nut were tested under the symmetrical cycle according to the pure bending pattern, the specimens made of 40X steel with a nut were tested under the zero-to-tension positive cycle in the case of stretching. Non-propagating fatigue cracks have been found in the specimens that withstood the tests and were destroyed.

About the authors

V. P. Sazanov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Science (Engineering)
Assistant Professor of the Department of Strength of Materials

Russian Federation


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