Analysis of temperature fields of aircraft components

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The problem of analyzing of temperature fields of aircraft components is central for ensuring the operational reliability of the latter. The results of developing methods of calculating temperature fields of the existing products and those being designed based on analytical solution of thermal conductivity equations for the principal types of structures are outlined in the paper. The thermal conductivity equation for a parallelepiped and cylinder with heat sources of a similar form is solved using the variable separation method. A common expression of the solution of thermal conductivity equation for bodies of the simplest form ( parallelepiped,  cylinder or its segment,  sphere or its segment) with spatial, flat, linear or point heat sources is obtained. A mathematical model for the analysis of thermal fields of aircraft components is proposed. Mathematical and thermal models are developed for the analysis of temperature fields of onboard REA. 

About the authors

V. I. Azarenkov

National Technical University «Kharkov Polytechnical Institute» Kharkov

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Science (Engineering)
Assistant Professor of the Department of System Analysis and Management



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