Research of repeatability of characteristics of multilayered corrugated dampers of aircraft and rocket engines using the Monte-Carlo method

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The purpose of the work is to analyze the repeatability of elastic damping properties of multilayered corrugated supports of aircraft and rocket engines in the conditions of out-of-toleranceproduction of component parts in mass production. The research is carried out by the calculation Monte-Carlo method with the use of experimentally confirmed laws of distribution of tolerances on the production of parts constituting the structure of a support. A mathematical model of virtual mass production of supports with multilayered corrugated dampers, a mathematical model of uniaxial static loading of a support, and, on their basis, a model of elastic hysteresis characteristics spread have been developed. Fields of dispersion of characteristics of supports have been investigated for different parameters of accuracy of production of the parts influencing the above characteristics. It has been found that statistical laws of distribution of elastic friction characteristics of multilayered dampers in supports are not subject to the normal law. The most probable values of these characteristics are 20-30% less than the arithmetic mean values calculated for the whole amount of sampling. The calculations showed that in common production practice of combination of tolerances on the production of damper component parts in mass production the variation of their characteristics is not unconsiderable, which results in the need of selection of parts with the required characteristics.

About the authors

Yu. K. Ponomaryov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering)

Professor of the Department of Aircraft Engine Design

Russian Federation


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