Dynamic modelling of non-linear vibrations in cylindrical tooth gearing of aircraft drive systems

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The results of modeling nonlinear parametric vibrations in aircraft tooth gears are presented in the paper.  Resonance vibration with loss of tooth contact is analyzed.  A lumped-parameter dynamic model of cylindrical gears is investigated using the results of gear stiffness modeling obtained from a finite element model for simulating elastic-damping connection for each step during one phase of mesh. Parametric vibrations of a system with base excitation due to variable mesh stiffness and non-linear effects determined by modeling the conditions of loss of tooth contact are studied. It is shown that the maximal level of dynamic loads does not exceed a limit value determined by the presence of discontinuous vibrations in the system. A number of parametric studies are presented to demonstrate the influence of major gear contact ratio on the resultant dynamic behavior. The results obtained by the numerical simulation of steady-state responses of two different pairs of spur gears are in satisfactory agreement with the experimental results. 

About the authors

D. V. Kalinin

Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P.I. Baranov, Moscow

Author for correspondence.
Email: kalinin@ciam.ru

Head of the Department of Aircraft Gear Strength and Service Life

Russian Federation

J. M. Temis

Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P.I. Baranov, Moscow

Email: tejoum@ciam.ru

Doctor of Science (Engineering)

Professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics

Russian Federation


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