Requirements for the order and the procedure of estimating structural strength characteristics of metal alloys for the main and critical parts of aviation gas turbine engines


Requirements of the technical regulations for the order and procedure of estimating structural strength of metal alloys used in critical and main parts of aviation engines in their certification are outlined in the paper. The scope of work to be carried out by the engine designer, the developer of the material/semi-finished product and the engine manufacturer to confirm the compliance with the mentioned requirements is described. The tasks to be solved at different stages of general and special qualification of the material are discussed. The spectrum of the main mechanical characteristics of alloys, including mono-crystal alloys, to be determined during the qualification tests is presented. The standards in accordance to which the tests are to be performed are mentioned. Relationships for the determination of the material characteristics to be used in estimating the strength and service life of engine parts are given. The requirements for the statistical processing of the results of investigating the structural strength of alloys are discussed, as well as the requirements for setting the values of the mechanical properties guaranteed in the delivery of materials/semi-finished products. The necessity to have data on possible presence of different defects in the main (critical for safe operation) engine parts is mentioned. The reference list includes principal technical regulations the requirements of which are to be met during special qualification of alloys used for the manufacture of the main and critical aviation engine parts.

About the authors

Yu. A. Nozhnitsky

Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P.I. Baranov, Moscow

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor

Deputy General Director 

Russian Federation

E. B. Kachanov

Certification Center «MATERIAL», Moscow


Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor


Russian Federation

E. R. Golubovskiy

Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P.I. Baranov, Moscow


Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor

Head of the Department of Structural Strength Alloys

Russian Federation

V. K. Kouevda

Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), Moscow


Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Deputy Head of Aviation Register Presidium 

Russian Federation


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