CIAM’s scientific school of strength and its ties with Samara aerospace cluster (for the 85 th anniversary of CIAM’s foundation)


The role of Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM) as the leading scientific-research institute in the system of provision of the required dynamic and strength parameters of aircraft engines developed in the country is shown in the paper. Principles and traditions of the CIAM’s scientific strength school as applied to solving practical problems, establishing the causes of defects and working out specific certain recommendations on the basis of fundamental and engineering approaches are discussed. The fact that CIAM brings together engineers and researchers, as well as employees of industrial enterprises, universities, academic and branch institutes, research institutions of the Ministry of Defense and civil aviation, working in close contact with them, is a specific feature of the CIAM’s scientific strength school. The role of the outstanding scientists I. Sh. Neiman, S. V. Serencen, R. S. Kinasoshvili, I.A. Birger in the forming and development of the CIAM’s scientific strength school is also shown. A wide range of subjects dealing with the study of aircraft engine dynamics with an appropriate combination of theoretical, computational and experimental investigations in the area of creating and expanding the unique research-and-trial facilities for strength testing of engines and their assemblies and systems is noted. Much attention is given to conversion programs on ground-based application of gas-turbine engines including the development of Russian and International regulatory documents. Special emphasis is placed on close ties between the CIAM’s strength specialists with Samara’s aircraft engine manufacturers and the scientific strength school of CIAM and Samara’s aerospace cluster, as well as the outstanding role of academician N.D. Kuznetsov in the development and strengthening of these ties.

About the authors

Yu. A. Nozhnitskiy

Central institute of aviation motors named after P.I. Baranov, Moscow

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering)

Deputy director general 

Russian Federation

A. I. Belousov

Samara State Aerospace University


Doctor of Science (Engineering), professor

Professor of the Department of Aircraft Design and Construction

Russian Federation

E. P. Kotcherov

Open joint-stock company «KUZNETSOV», Samara


Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Deputy Chief Designer

Russian Federation


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