Bench tests of an electric engine-propeller group, as the first stage in the creation of a hybrid power plant

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The article discusses a stand for testing an electric propulsion system and its components. The test bench was developed for the first stage of practical research on the creation of a hybrid parallel- circuit power plant based on a piston and electric motors. The engine-propeller group was created for light aircraft with an engine power of 10…20 kW. The article presents conclusions about the conducted bench tests and the operation of the stand. Further developments of an electric motor-generator set for a hybrid power plant made on the basis of bench experiments of the electric engine-propeller combination are shown.

About the authors

A. V. Sychev

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

Author for correspondence.

Leading Engineer

Russian Federation

Yu. A. Ravikovich

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)


Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor, Vice-Rector for Research

Russian Federation

D. A. Borisov

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)



Russian Federation


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