System of indicators for assessing operational and commercial activities of an enterprise


The article presents indicators characterizing the efficiency of operational and commercial activities of a company in market conditions. The coefficient of economic, social, organizational and technical capacity of the enterprise, economic performance of the company management, the share  of management costs, the ratio of the number of administrative staff to the number of staff personnel of the enterprise, the ratio of line and functional personnel management staff, the cost-effectiveness ratio of administrative activity; the level of organization of production, the impact of production management and sale of products, the level of product profitability; the level of remuneration of staff; the profitability of equity capital, the level of profitability of production and sales, return on assets, the ratio of real equity value, the coefficient of effective use of current assets; the coefficient of effective use of working capital, the coefficient of the utilization of all assets, the cost of one share; earnings per share, dividend per share, the price of one share of income; total assets; profit margin, gross margin ratio, sales gross profit margin; the complex integrated factor of the company’s management efficiency are among the most important of them. Calculation and analysis of the indicators described in the article for a particular company should help to solve the tasks of engineering and reengineering.

About the authors

V. V. Morozov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor

Head of the Department of Ecology and Safety of Life

Russian Federation

E. V. Demidenko

Heineken United Breweries

Sales Coordinator Russian Federation




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