Experimental study of hydrocarbon fuel combustion in the air


An improved constant- volume bypass arrangement intended for measuring visible and normal velocities of flame propagation in gas and droplet gas mixtures and the ignition delay period for the mixtures mentioned above in the millisecond range is described in the paper.  Unlike the other available installations the one under consideration is developed for operating with liquid hydrocarbons. It has an additional device for injecting liquid reagents and nanoparticles as well as a fiber-optic sensor to specify the instance of ignition. The temperature range of conducting the experiments is extended up to 850 K. A method of operating the experimental installation is presented.  The values of visible combustion velocities are obtained for various hydrocarbon fuels depending on the temperature at the pressure ≈ 50 kPa. The effective activation energies and pre-exponential multipliers of temperature dependences of the visible velocity of hydrocarbon fuel combustion in the air are specified by the experimental data. The results obtained are in good agreement with the modern concepts of the mechanism of hydrocarbon fuel combustion in the air.

About the authors

S. M. Sergeev

25-th State Research Institute of Chemmotology, Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.
Email: ssm.58@mail.ru

Candidate of Science (Engineering), Associate Professor

Chief of  Laboratory

Russian Federation

N. V. Petrukhin

25-th State Research Institute of Chemmotology, Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation

Email: 25gosniihim@mail.ru

Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor

Chief  Researcher

Russian Federation

M. V. Masyukov

Peter the Great Military Academy of Strategic Missile Forces, Moscow

Email: pm@mil.ru

Postgraduate student

Russian Federation


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  2. Khimiya goreniya [Combustion chemistry]. Moscow: Mir Publ., 1988. 464 p.



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