Experimental investigation of heat transfer in energy separation chambers of the vortex tube


One of the ways of improving the efficiency of gas turbines is to increase the efficiency of the cooling system of the blades using swirling flows. However, to date there is insufficient research on heat transfer in confined swirling flows, in particular in non-adiabatical vortex tubes. This paper presents the results of experimental studies of heat transfer of swirling flows in the energy separation chambers of non-adiabatical vortex tubes. Experimental study of unsteady heat transfer in a counter-flow vortex tube in the case of changing the flow pattern has been carried out. The temperature distribution over the surface of the energy separation chamber and the duct of the cooled flow at different times as well as the dependences of the absolute effect of heating and cooling on time are presented.

About the authors

S. V. Veretennikov

Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University

Author for correspondence.
Email: serveret@yandex.ru

Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Associate Professor of the Department of General and Applied Physics

Russian Federation

S. N. Barinov

Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University

Email: barinov.sergej.91@mail.ru

Undergraduate student

Russian Federation


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