Characteristic of energy efficiency index and drawing intermediate conclusions on the reduction of consumption of energy resources at SSAU


The main directions of improving energy efficiency at state institutions are discussed. The area of using the energy efficiency index depending on the purpose of analysis and further application is specified. The specific character of SSAU activities is shown. In this connection the expedience of taking into account the specific energy costs not only for the students but for the teaching staff, the research force and the personnel is indicated. The necessity of calculating the indices of heat energy consumption on the basis of the area and volume of the heated space is determined. Development and implementation of energy-saving and energy-efficiency measures are essential mechanisms of reaching the target of creating economic and organizational conditions for efficient use of energy resources. Specific indicators of heat energy consumption over time, before and after taking energy-saving measures are calculated. The energy survey revealed a number of problems, in which the energy saving potential of SSAU is hidden.  The energy-saving measures taken are presented. Intermediate conclusions on reducing energy consumption and improving the energy efficiency of SSAU are drawn, in the long run it leads to tangible energy savings and reduction of costs.

About the authors

E. I. Anishchenkova

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Postgraduate student of the Department of Heat Engineering and Heat Engines

Russian Federation

V. V. Biryuk

Samara State Aerospace University


Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor

Deputy Head of the Department of Heat Engineering and Heat Engines

Russian Federation

M. Yu. Anisimov

Samara State Aerospace University


Doctor of Science (Engineering)

Director of Scientific and Educational Center of Gas-Dynamic Research

Russian Federation


  1. Myatishkin G.V. The estimation of risks in the control loop power consumption of the industrial enterprises. Izvestiya Samarskogo nauchnogo tsentra RAN. 2010. V. 12, no. 4 (4). P. 910-918. (In Russ.)
  2. Аnishchenkova Е.I., Biryuk V.V., Uglanov D.А., Shahova Е.S., Pankov А.G. The main results of energy audit at SSAU. Materials VII International scientific-practical conference «Actual problems of modern social-economic development». Samara: IMI Publ., 2013. P. 83-84. (InRuss.)



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PDF (Russian): 1863




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