Research of a sleeve connection of the aircraft pipeline under the influence of dynamic loading


The article presents the results of analyzing the dynamic behavior of a prefabricated single-span pipeline with a tube connection on external cone under the influence of kinematic excitation. Five models of pipelines with different conjugation conditions in tube connection on external cone are described. The results have been obtained by using the finite element method and solving a contact problem of deformable body mechanics. At the first stage amplitude-frequency characteristics for the models of pipeline under consideration are constructed. The result shows the dependence of amplitude-frequency characteristics of the pipeline vibrations on the conjugation conditions in the collecting pipe connection.  It was found in the process of research that the resonant frequency of the pipeline varies with introducing admissible gaps in the tube connection on external cone. This change may lead to a shift of the resonance frequency of the pipeline in the range of operating frequencies of the structure that may lead to the destruction of the pipeline. The article also reflects the influence of the external dynamic load on the distribution of contact pressure in the prefabricated tube connection on external cone while passing the resonance frequency. This distribution determines the tightness of connections.

About the authors

V. M. Agafonov

Irkutsk National Research Technical University

Author for correspondence.

Postgraduate student of the Department of Strength of Materials and Structural Mechanics

Russian Federation

A. A. Pykhalov

Irkutsk State Railway University


Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor

Professor of the Department of Mechanics and Instrument Engineering

Russian Federation


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  2. Yakhnenko M.S. Dinamika sbornykh konstruktsiy truboprovodnykh system s uchetom usloviy sopryazheniya. Dis. kand. tekhn. nauk [Dynamics of prefabricated piping systems subject to the conditions. Cand. eng. sci. diss.]. Irkutsk, 2011. 168 p.



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