Research of the validity of forecasting low cycle durability of gas turbine engine parts based on Manson’s equation


The article presents the prediction of low-cycle durability of gas turbine discs and test samples by the method of universal tilt – on the basis of the Manson equation and its various modifications. Manson equation obtained by testing of standard specimens in stretching-compression, i.e. an uniaxial stress state and the symmetric cycle of loading. Under complex stress-strain state in the modification of the equations embeded the mean stress of the cycle, but clear guidance for determining it are missing. In this paper we proposed different ways to imagine the average stress. On the basis of verification of various modifications were adopted, the results of tests of standard specimens with circular cross-sections, samples of the lock "swallow's tail" cut from the disks of the compressor, as well as full-scale drive of new and used. The test was carried out from zero cycle of loading close to the real operating conditions of main parts of the gas turbine engine. By comparison of calculation results with the experimental data revealed the most effective ways to refine the Manson equations. It was found a significant effect on low cycle durability of not only the magnitude of deformation of the parts, but the type of stress-strain state. Therefore, the most effective was the using of the stress intensities. It was also established that the refinement equation, introduced by Manson and Muralidharan applicable only for stress states that are close to flat.

About the authors

А. M. Porter

“NPO “Saturn” Corporation, Rybinsk

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Chief of Design Department

S. A. Bukatyi

Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University in the name of P.A. Solovyev, Rybinsk


Russian Federation

Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor

D. P. Leshin

NPO «Saturn», Rybinsk


Russian Federation

Chief engineer


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