Iodine as an alternative propellant for electrojet engines


In the article the analysis of iodine as a propellant electric propulsion for electric thruster with closed electron drift is provided. This compares the iodine thruster performance with the same parameters using the traditional propellant - xenon. Advantages of electro-propulsion on the iodine compared to installing, using xenon. Justified the use of iodine as a propellant for high power thrusters. Presents the preliminary design and the results of the first tests of stationary plasma thrusters on the iodine. The article provides information about the progress of RSC Energia corporate research, the purpose of which is to develop a bench-top system for the storage and supply of iodine. It is shown and described the system layout storage and supply for experimental testing electric propulsion on the iodine. Also shown plans of RSC Energia in further research on the development of electric propulsion on the iodine. The article presents a variant of the high power thrusters on a propellant of iodine, which offers the challenge of ensuring the life of the thruster and the use of thermionic cathode. This article provides an overview of Western achievements in the use of propellant iodine in electric thruster.

About the authors

V. G. Ostrovskiy

JSC RSC Energia, Korolyov

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Senior research engineer

Russian Federation

A. A. Smolentsev

JSC RSC Energia, Korolyov


General Designer for propulsion and power systems, Head of STC

Russian Federation

P. A. Scherbina

JSC RSC Energia, Korolyov

Engineer Russian Federation




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