Creation of a data retrieval system for choosing the optimal cutting tool in manufacturing aircraft engine parts


The article presents the algorithm of a tool selection for edge machining cutting based on a number of principle criteries on selection of a cutting blade shape, tool-mounting system, tool material. The work gives a description of interface and database structure of information storage and retrieval system dealing with the selection of cutting tool and cutting mode in manufacturing of aircraft engine parts. There are a number of basic criterions that have an impact on the selection of the cutting plate, fastening systems of tool and a cutting material such as the type of the process (roughing, light roughing, wiping); the dimensional accuracy; the power burden of the technological system; the rigidity of the technological system; the size and the type of the material blank; the accuracy of the material blank; surface layer condition of the material blank (peel, scale pits, etc); the amount of the dimensional allowance properties of the work material; the diameter of the bore hole under conditions of the internal work; the direction of feed motion at each cutting pass; the work surface profile; technological features of the equipment (the efficiency of the spindle, the rotating frequency the maximum feed, the maximum diameter of the material blank, the maximum length of the material blank, the type and the size of the tool holder, availability of the metal-cutting compound); the maximum value of the depth-of-cut for each operation; surface quality requirements of the work part; the machining conditions (continuous interrupted and impact cut, constant and variable depth-of-cut); required productivity of the tool; required tool life.

About the authors

A. P. Shulepov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

of Science (Engineering), associate
Professor of the Department of Production of
Aircraft Engines

Russian Federation

A. V. Meshcheryakov

Samara State Aerospace University


Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Aassociate Professor of the Department of Production of Aircraft Engines

Russian Federation

E. A. Ramzaeva

Samara State Aerospace University


Leading engineer-programmer of the Department of Production of Aircraft Engines

Russian Federation


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