Peculiarities of applying Darcy’s law in research and development of hybrid engine blades for an advanced aerospace plane


This work is devoted to the two methods of modeling porous material. Flow characteristics and, accordingly, the viscous and inertial coefficients for the models of porous materials consisting of spherical particles were obtained by calculation. On the basis of these data conformity assessment of flow characteristics for models of porous materials consisting of spherical particles of arbitrary filling and exactly the same on the geometrical dimensions of the flow model in accordance with Darcy's law was carried out. The data thus obtained were then used to estimate the energy dissipation due to viscous friction in the flow of fluid through the porous body. As a result reached the following conclusions. Firstly, in the absence of information about the viscous and inertial factors that determine the performance curve, data rates with sufficient accuracy can be obtained by calculation in the medium Ansys CFX for periodic fragment of the porous body. Secondly, there is a satisfactory agreement between flow performance for porosity γ≥0,1601 obtained in the medium Ansys CFX for periodic fragments of porous bodies and flow model in accordance with Darcy's law.

About the authors

B. E. Baigaliev

Kazan State Technical University named after AN Tupolev – KAI

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering)

Professor Department of Thermal Engineering and Energy Engineering

Russian Federation

A. G. Tumakov

«EnergoMash (Volgodonsk) – Atommash»


Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Chief engineer

Russian Federation

E. A. Tumakov

Kazan State Technical University named after AN Tupolev – KAI


Postgraduate student

Russian Federation


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