11D58MF combined propulsion unit operating on oxygen-hydrogen fuel for an average-sized booster


This paper describes the expediency of creation a combined propulsion unit with oxygen-hydrocarbon fuel for advanced upper stage of the middle class rockets based on the multifunctional liquid-propellant rocket engine 11D58MF. The appearance of the upper stage with 11D58MF engine, comparative analysis of the developing and exploitation upper stages are presented. The peculiarities of 11D58MF engine notes. At present there is a number of objective reasons and circumstances in which it is necessary to carry out works on the creation of propulsion with oxygen-hydrocarbon fuel in the domestic space industry. This propulsion can be used as in creation of advanced upper stage for the space launch complex with family of the middle class launch vehicles "Souz" in launch site "Vostochniy" as in creation of upper stages for the light and ultra light class launch vehi cles. At that upper stage with new propulsion will be able to compete with the blocks that are being in developing or exploitation at present.

About the authors

D. S. Lupyak

Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Korolyov

Author for correspondence.
Email: dloupiak@mail.ru

Russian Federation

Leading engineer

A. A. Smolentsev

Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Korolyov

Email: alexander.smolentsev@rsce.ru

Russian Federation

Chief designer of the engines, propulsion and power generating systems, head of the scientific technical center

B. A. Sokolov

Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Korolyov

Email: boris.sokolov@rsce.ru

Russian Federation

Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor

President adviser

E. N. Tumanin

Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Korolyov

Email: post@rsce.ru

Russian Federation

Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Deputy of head the department, chief the section

N. N. Tupitsin

Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Korolyov

Email: post@rsce.ru

Russian Federation

Deputy of head the branch office


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