Results of hot tests of an oxygen preburner of a liquid-propellant engine 11D58MF


In this article results of LRE 11D58MF oxygen preburner development are considered. Preburner consist of two zones. In the first zone fuel is burned, in the second zone combustion products are mixed with the rest of oxygen. There were 39 hot test on five preburners performed. Tests were conducted with variable chamber pressure, propellant mixture and initial temperature of gas oxygen. Evaluation of temperature field distribution and uniformity in outer section was performed. Mean temperature of combustion products on the exit section of preburner, obtained from test results, agreed well with theoretical calculations. Operational stability of preburner with various input parameters is confirmed. Design of injection elements and fuel input chamber were improved on order to assure reliability of preburner. Ignition and stop sequence instructions were formulated. There’s need to test three more preburners to complete individual development test series.

About the authors

O. A. Barsukov

Rocket and Space Corporation Energia

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Principal Design Engineer

P. P. Strizhenko

Rocket and Space Corporation Energia


Russian Federation

Head of Sector


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