Technological processes of producing materials by specified criteria of forming the properties of aircraft assembly units


Results of formation of structure of an assortment from the technical cleanliness titan depending on coarse-grained or nanostructural state for maintenance of mechanical properties received by various ways of details of assemblages are presented. The structure of the titan depending on conditions and character saturation by hydrogen is studied at machining. It is established that modes on character of technological deformation of preparations render proskating rinks of strips and sheets hereditary influence on fluctuations of mechanical properties of metal on its area and a thickness. It is shown the results of studies link changes in crystallographic texture samples of titanium with the nature of the formation of the microstructure of the alloy in the technological processes of hot plastic deformation on the example of cylindrical samples of two-phase titanium alloy VT9 under various schemes application of stress and strain in machining, tension, torsion, ching.

About the authors

S. F. Tlustenko

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Associate Professor

Russian Federation


  1. Koulachev B.A., Il'in A.A., Nosov V.K., Mamonov A.M. Vodorodnaya tekhnologiya titanovykh splavov [Hydrogen technology of titan alloys]. Moscow: MISiS Publ., 2002. 392 p.



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PDF (Russian): 1909




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