Significance and directions of development of rotary piston area of research


The development of small and unmanned aircraft in Russia is hampered by the lack of production of domestic aircraft engines in the power range up to 200 h.p. The main requirement for the aircraft engine is minimal ratio of mass and overall dimensions to output. In a greater degree that is matched by the engines of rotor piston layout. The intensive work on rotor piston engines is carried out abroad by companies of many countries: Britain (UAV), USA (Freedom Motors), Austria (Austro engine) etc. In Russia, at SKBM the works on rotor piston engines were conducted for outboard motor application in cooperation with Rotor Piston Engines Design Bureau of AVTOVAZ. For the satisfaction of needs for small and unmanned aircraft a project of creation of rotor piston engines in the power range of 8-200 h.p. was developed.

About the authors

V. V. Okorochkov

Open Joint-Stock Company “KUZNETSOV”, Samara

Author for correspondence.

Head of rotary piston engine department of Engineering Center

Russian Federation

V. M. Okorochkova

Samara State Aerospace University


Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Associate professor of Department of aircraft engines theory

Russian Federation

V. V. Shafranov

Open Joint-Stock Company «AutoVAZ», Toljatty



Russian Federation


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