Investigation of the vibration behavior of a gas turbine engine in icing conditions


With respect to aeronautical engineering it is focused on the problems of the dynamic strength of parts and units of aircraft engines, namely the resistance of the material under the action of various oscillatory processes (vibration) arising from the operation of such engines. An important aspect of this problem is to ensure the safety of flight in atmospheric icing conditions. Relevance of study is determined, above all, the lack of study of the processes of icing. The paper summarizes the results of processing the experimental data obtained in a test of gas turbine engines in icing conditions at a specialized ground test rig. The stages of the process with regard to icing vibration condition of the engine. In the course of experiments on icing were found in the spectrum of the vibration diagnostic signs of the blades self-oscillations. One of the probable causes of such hazardous processes may be throttling the fan due to ice build-up on the blades straightener or on input parts of the fan. However, for a more detailed description of these phenomena occurring in icing conditions, additional studies, experiments, calculations. This article describes the features of the study of vibrating processes in the engine in such trials. It is discussed the directions for further research on this issue.

About the authors

S. Yu. Danilkin

P.I. Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors, Moscow

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Chief of group

V. A. Teleshev

P.I. Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors, Moscow


Russian Federation

Leading engineer


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