Analysis of the results of thermal cycic tests using TC-maps and problems of investigating thermal fatigue of materials


We present a method for the analysis of the progress of the deformation within a cycle by constructing the diagram TC-maps, where presented dependences of the temperature – free thermal deformation – elastic deformation, corresponding to the flow limit of the material. The diagram shows the magnitude of the plastic deformation attained at the maximal temperature (Tmax) and its changes in the cycles. The diagram allows permits one to choose the temperature mode required to obtain the desired deformation parameters in a test. An application of the diagram is presented in the case study analyzing the method and results of thermocyclic tests conducted on the high-heat resistant alloy used for the construction of the blades in the VNKNA-1V turbines. It has been concluded that under all possible modes the material is subject to plastic deformation within a cycle. Its presence does not allow one to conclude the dependence of the lifetime from the magnitude of the maximal stress registered within a cycle.

About the authors

E. A. Tikhomirova

JSC “KLIMOV”, S.-Peterburg

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

Candidate of Science (Engineering)


E. F. Sidokhin

Joint-Stock Company «KB X-ray Instruments», Saint-Petersburg


Russian Federation



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