Experimental research of heat exchange in a plane channel using the regular thermal regime mrthod with different Biot numbers


The results of the experimental study of heat exchange in flat channel, executed by method lazer stereolithography, is presented. The studied heatexchange surface represents the thin metal plate forming one of channel sidewalls. Researches were performed under different criterion Bi in broad range criterion Re. For determination of heat-transfer coefficient is used infrared heat diagnostics, in base which prescribed method of the regular heat mode of the first sort. At first the metal plate was heated, after through an internal channel turned on blowing cold air. Temperature of plate was measured by infrared thermography. In processing the results were based on graphics logarithm excess temperature from time. Slope ratio of the curves is the rate of cooling of the plate. The borders of application of this method are experimentally determined from criterion Bi. The experimental results coincide well with the known criterion dependence Nu=0,018Re0,8. Developed experimental setup and methodology of transitional experiment allow to determine the heat transfer coefficient in forced for restricted flow, when the regular warm mode of 1 type is realized.

About the authors

E. G. Kolesova

Joint-Stock Company “NPO Saturn”, Rybinsk

Author for correspondence.
Email: kolesova_eg@mail.ru

Chief Specialist

Russian Federation

S. V. Veretennikov

P.A. Solovyov Rybinsk Aviation Technical University, Rybinsk

Email: serveret@yahdex.ru

Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Associate Professor

Russian Federation

M. N. Zhornik

Joint-Stock Company “NPO Saturn”, Rybinsk

Email: mn.zhornik@yandex.ru

Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Chief Specialist

Russian Federation


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