Rotary isochoric combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine


In the article the combustion processes in isochoric rotating combustion chamber and the combustion products expansion in the turbine and the nozzle are considered, the main theoretical calculations are provided. The peculiarity of the combustion chamber design of the gas turbine engine is that it is formed by a rotary disk composed of a boss and blades, oriented along the axis of rotation, joined at the ends by the shell and the input and output disks with slots. The slots on the input disk are designed to fill the combustion chamber with the fuel air charge. The slots on the output disk are designed for the output of combustion products and feeding them on the turbine blades. The process of combustion of the fuel-air mixture occurs when the blade-to-blade space of the combustion chamber is closed by the input and output disks. The combustion occurs in a confined space, i.e. the condition of the isochoric process is fulfilled. It is shown that the gas emerging from the chamber after combustion at υ=соnst, is expanded in the turbine and doing work. The available turbine work in a gas turbine engine depends on the nature of the combustion chamber filling and, consequently, on the cycle implemented in the plant. The actual work of the turbine is determined by the value of its efficiency, which, in turn, depends on the nature of the expansion process. The research carried out has allowed to conclude that the use of gas turbine plants with the cycle υ=соnst can increase the thermal efficiency by 20%. This concerns, first of all, gas turbine engines with a small degree of pressure rise and is expressed in increased power and efficiency without changing the mass of the engine. In addition, the use of cycle υ=соnst in conventional gas turbine engines at maximum operation does not require significant design changes.

About the authors

V. A. Porshnev

«Electropribor» Design Bureau

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Chief of the research center

Russian Federation


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  2. Bogdanov V.I., Dormidontov А.К. Influence of input pulse and losses in the turbine on the efficiency of solid propellant engines with periodic combustion // Russian Aeronautics. 2009. V. 52, no. 3. P. 365-367.



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