Experimental verification of the possibility of improving the liquid propelant rocket engine performance for the “Vega” launcher upper stage


Successful flight missions demonstrated the high level of reliability and performance of the 4th stage liquid engine developed by the” Yuzhnoye” design bureau for the “Vega” launcher. The obtained specific impulse is 3104.8 m/s which is higher than it was demanded at the initial stage of the development (3094 m/s). Meanwhile, the engine characteristics like mass or specific impulse can be further improved, which was confirmed by experimental investigations. These experimental results and further possible thrust chamber improvements such as implementation of a new radiation-cooling nozzle extension, cooling system redesign and injectors optimization
are discussed and analyzed in the article.

About the authors

A. N. Kovalenko

“Youzhnoye” State Design Office

Author for correspondence.
Email: info@yuzhnoye.com

Head of Department


V. G. Pereverzev

“Youzhnoye” State Design Office

Email: info@yuzhnoye.com

Chief Specialist

Russian Federation

R. A. Marchan

“Youzhnoye” State Design Office

Email: info@yuzhnoye.com

Chief Researcher

Russian Federation

Yu. V. Blishun

“Youzhnoye” State Design Office

Email: info@yuzhnoye.com

Design engineer

Russian Federation


  1. De Rose L., Parmigiani P., Shnyakin V., Shulga V., Pereverzev V. Main Engine of the Vega Fourth Stage: Characteristic and Heritage // 4th International Conference of Launcher Technology “Space Launcher Liquid Propulsion”. Liege, Belgium. 2002.
  2. Snyakin V.N., Pereverzev V.G., Kovalenko A.N. Experimantalnoye issledovaniye vnutrennego zavesnogo okhlajdeniya malogabaritnyh kamer JRD (Experimental investigation of internal film cooling for small-sized chambers of liquidpropellant engines) // Report of international scientific and technical conference. Part 1. Samara: Samara St. Aerospace Univ. Publ., 2001. P. 193-197. (In Russ.)



Abstract: 3179

PDF (Russian): 1876




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